Worcester Badminton League

Fun and competitive singles badminton league for players of all abilities.

There is a division to suit everyone, whether you're a beginner, a social player or a member of a Worcestershire league club.

New players are always welcome. You can join now and start playing immediately.

To join or to ask a question: Signal +447740650087, SMS 07740650087, Email league@badmintonworcester.org.uk.

Each season is eight weeks long and each division has up to nine players in it. See the latest singles season as an example. You should try to play everyone in your division.

The league is relaxed! You have plenty of time to play the other players in your division. You play one match against each of them.

You arrange matches yourself by contacting your opponents directly. You schedule your matches to suit you.

Matches should be played at the sports centres in Worcester: Nunnery Wood, St Johns and Perdiswell.

Each match consists of three games. A 3-0 result earns the winning player 4 league points and the losing player 1 league point. A 2-1 result earns the winning player 3 league points and the losing player 2 league points.

The latest BWF rules are used for each game. (If you're used to playing to 21 then you know the latest rules.) All three games should be played, even if one player wins the first two. You may use whatever shuttles you both agree on. (Any make. Plastics or feathers.)

After a match, the result should be sent to Chris Alexander by Signal, SMS or email. Please send the names of both players (enough to allow both players to be identified!) and the number of games won by each player.

Phone number for Signal and SMS: 07740650087. Email address: league@badmintonworcester.org.uk.

When you join the league you will be added to a division immediately and can begin to play matches straightaway.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions for more details, including about the Superleague and how to book courts.

To join or to ask a question: Signal +447740650087, SMS 07740650087, Email league@badmintonworcester.org.uk.

Thanks to Dave Simkins at Advance Leisure for starting the league in September 2015. Run by Chris Alexander since February 2016.

To send results, queries, feedback, or to join: Signal +447740650087 | SMS 07740650087 | Email league@badmintonworcester.org.uk